We invest at Seed at Series A, bringing playbooks and a network of operators to help you go from 0-1 to scale.


Fundamental Ventures is the venture capital firm of Charlie Pinto. Charlie has been a YC-backed founder, operator and a product leader. He has gone from 0-1 to hundreds of millions of revenue and profitability.

operator council

An investment from Fundamental includes top founders and operators across the industry that help you execute from seed to unicorn and beyond.


We take a hands-on approach to company building, onboarding you into playbooks that work from pre-seed to $B+ companies.

Charlie’s operator playbooks may have been the difference between life and death for many startups he works with.

Collin West

Founder, Managing Partner

Ensemble VC

Charlie’s playbooks have provided insights which has helped us refine the focus of our growth story.

Maria Goy

CEO, Co-founder

Spot Insurance

Charlie can peer through messy problems and narratives and clean them up in 15 minutes flat.

Scott Stevenson

CEO, Co-founder


Charlie's as good as it gets. He's been a founder and it shows. He understands the challenges that startups and their founders face.

Kevin Moore

CEO, Co-founder

Quilt Data

Charlie is my first call when I have an idea to talk through and the last call before a major project is rolled out.

Manny Cominsky

CEO, Co-founder


Charlie provides what every founder needs: honest feedback, psychological protection, and encouragement to go the extra mile.

Sumon Sadhu

Angel Investor

ClearTax, Benchling, UIFlow


We’re exceptional at helping founders execute a successful fundraise, from crafting your story to making introductions to our network of friendly funds.

For a founder it's hard to separate the grand vision for the company from the current complexities of the business. Charlie helped us a) Craft the company narrative and b) focus on its supporting elements that enabled us to attract the right investors and rally the team.

Miguel Fernandez
Miguel Fernandez

CEO, Co-founder


One of your superpowers is the ability to clearly get to the nugget to explain a company. You’re in the top 5% of seed investors.

Ben Ling
Ben Ling

Founder, General Partner

Bling Capital

When fundraising, Charlie is a secret weapon. He partnered with us to cut through the noise and present the most compelling frame. This frame resulted in a competitive (multi TS) up-round in a down market."

Nicole Bocskocsky
Nicole Bocskocsky

CEO, Co-founder

Elaborate Health

Help in getting the next round done is super valuable to founders. Charlie did it all - from deck construction, pitch practice, target lists and introductions. We completed a successful raise in a VERY difficult market and he was a huge part of that.

Ben Tregoe
Ben Tregoe

CEO, Co-founder

Bainbridge Growth


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