Charlie pinto
General Partner

Charlie is the Founding General Partner of Fundamental Ventures. He is a former Y Combinator-backed founder, product and operations leader, and institutional investor.

Previously, Charlie was the CEO and Co-founder of a Y Combinator-backed startup which exited in 2014. Since then, he has been an operator-angel investor, and Director of Product and Operations. Most recently, he helped scale product market fit for Google Domains, growing it from a few million to a few hundred million dollars in revenue and profitability. Charlie is also a Venture Principal at Bling Capital where he builds playbooks, onboarded 100+ portfolio companies into those playbooks, runs the Bling Capital Fellowship and Series A programs, and helps manage the Bling Founder, Product Council, and Friendly Fund communities.

Charlie has also been a wrestling coach for the past 20 years. He was a nationally-ranked NCAA Division I wrestler and conference champion at the University of Maryland, and most recently was a Brazilian Jiu-jitus World Championship finalist. Using his experience, he has built battle-tested playbooks focused on helping up-and-coming athletes continually master the fundamentals while excelling towards their goals of becoming State Champions, All Americans, and World Champions. Charlie’s experience with wrestling and jiu-jitus was the inspiration for his venture capital firm, Fundamental Ventures.

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